Accessible data for places people care about


The Problem

Accessible place data is critical for businesses, consumers, and application developers. Businesses want to be found by new customers, who need to know accurate locations, hours of operation, and other information about the places they want to visit. Application developers need affordable data without onerous legal restrictions or complicated deal terms.

Currently, the best place data is very restrictive, expensive, and controlled by a small handful of companies. Quality varies globally, with data concentrated in the biggest markets and poor coverage elsewhere. Even the highest-quality data isn't fresh enough: who hasn't searched online for a store to find it closed or with different hours?

Creating and maintaining a dataset like this is a very difficult problem. Restaurants open and close, a store changes hours, a doctor moves her practice across town, or a public building might close for temporary renovations.


Our Solution

The StreetCred team has long experience with open mapping software and data and believes the time is right for a high-quality, permanent, decentralized solution to the place data problem.

We are developing a protocol that will incentivize the collection and maintenance of data for the places people care about worldwide. To solve this problem, we need to build a system where anyone can freely participate for appropriate incentives. The data must be open and accessible to anyone who wants to use it. And the system must be permanent, not tied to any specific company (including ours!) Read more about our thoughts on the importance of protocols applied to maps.




Get Involved!

StreetCred will work largely in public and will need help building and using our technology.

Check out our job listings if you'd like to join the team. If you have questions, you can reach us here. Or to keep up-to-date with our newsletter, you can subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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