Cassidy Rouse

Cassidy Rouse

Prior to joining StreetCred, Cassidy served as Senior Manager of Growth Opportunities at Samsung, where he focused on growth strategies and led commercial deals across virtual reality, mapping, digital video, and advertising. He also worked closely with Samsung's portfolio companies on business development and communications. In addition to his work at StreetCred, Cassidy is a passionate advisor for startups in the mobility and fashion industries. Prior to Samsung, he was a consultant at Deloitte Consulting, focused on pricing strategy. Cassidy holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BBA in Finance from the University of Kentucky.

Blog Posts

  • User Engagement in MapAustin

    Based on these figures, even Austin’s fledgling StreetCred community is capable of mapping a suburban city at the rate of 11,000 places per month. This only gets more exciting when we think about what can happen in densely populated yet largely unmapped megacities across the globe.

  • From Contest to Crypto

    MapNYC was a targeted experiment. We showed what a handful of users - some deeply engaged, some passively interested - can accomplish with the right incentives in place. As our app and protocol become more widely available, these productivity metrics scale exponentially. It’s not unrealistic to envision a living, breathing system capable of mapping entire cities in a matter of days.