Diana Shkolnikov

Diana Shkolnikov

Diana was recently Engineering Director of Search at Mapzen, where she led development on the open-source geocoder Pelias. A frequent speaker on geographic search, Diana worked to build the developer community around Pelias. As a "classically trained" computer scientist with a masters degree in Software Engineering and bachelors in Computer Science, Diana has also worked on software across a variety of industries from aerospace visualization, to wearables and sensors, to an online social network. With over 15 years of experience, Diana brings a strong focus on process, quality, and testing. She is a dedicated member of various organizations encouraging and supporting women in technology and bringing technology awareness to the next generation.

Blog Posts

  • 18K+ Facades for 10K+ Places

    The StreetCred protocol will allow data consumers to request specific types of data based on their needs: images, specialized locations, and specific attributes that we haven’t thought of yet. For MapAustin, participants can share a specialized collection of images that shows different angles of a storefront.

  • Improving Data Accuracy

    We believe that unless you have a wide, diverse audience creating the map, your data will fail to represent reality. We also value POI data created on location by users, not borrowed from the many existing sources on the internet. These goals guided our UI choices, and we learned a lot over the course of MapNYC, and iterated rapidly.

  • Detroit: the Sixth Borough of MapNYC

    MapNYC works anywhere, but it’s only fun when there are other users to create and validate data with you. So we’re going to do a MapNYC side contest in Detroit from Thursday, October 4 through Sunday, October 7.

  • The Finer Points of Mapping

    The StreetCred team has set out to build a system for creating and maintaining the most comprehensive and objective map the world has ever seen. We’re focusing our attention on one layer of the map, specifically the POI layer.