Doctor, My Eyes: 15,000 Places!

Randy Meech - October 11, 2018

The MapNYC community will add its fifteen thousandth place later today! Check it out on the map and see the activity on the leaderboard. We’re so impressed by the data we’ve built together.

MapNYC is a game with incentives, and we’re testing how to use those incentives to collect useful data. We’ve heard from map providers how difficult it is to get high-quality location data about doctors. Frequently, this data is scraped from the web and doesn’t get at accurate office locations. We thought we’d see how the MapNYC community would respond to an incentive to help this problem.

On Monday morning, we had only 52 doctors in the system. So we let the community know that we’d be doubling points for creating doctor records across the city. In only three days, we got 854 doctors! Related healthcare categories like Pharmacies and Dentists are on the rise as well. These are amazing results and we’re proud that the system can produce such a quick impact.

Last week, we announced point bonuses to create data across the five boroughs to encourage participants to explore the city and collect more data outside Manhattan. We’re glad to see that people understood what we were up to, in particular Ian on Twitter (if you Tweet at us we might put you in a blog post :)

One of the most interesting things about StreetCred's MapNYC project is that they're actively trying to pull in data from under-served communities. It's a great precedent to set for the rest of the project.

— Ian Dees (@iandees) October 1, 2018

We’ve seen a lot of activity up in the Bronx, and Staten Island mostly near the ferry. Yesterday Staten Island also started to fill out along the railway, which should be easy points for data validators to pick up with the bonuses above.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re enjoying MapNYC, or if we can answer any questions. Also, if you have suggestions on what other data we should collect over the next week-and-a-half, we’re all ears!