4 Days, 500+ Users, 3000+ Places

StreetCred Team - September 28, 2018

MapNYC launched on Monday and we’ve been very encouraged by the reception. Since then, over 500 users have created more than 3,000 places around the city. Weather has been spotty in New York this week, but the weekend looks beautiful: 70 degrees and sunny. We’re excited to see how things look next week!

 MapNYC activity as of September 28, 2018. Basemap data © OpenStreetMap contributors. MapNYC activity as of September 28, 2018. Basemap data © OpenStreetMap contributors. \

You can see the live map here. Use it to find areas in the city that are still unmapped, or areas with Places in need of validation. MapNYC is a contest to map all the Places in NYC for Bitcoin, and we published a leaderboard to show where participants currently stand. If you haven’t downloaded the app, we have an iPhone and Android version. It’s not too late to get started. You can get on the leaderboard by creating just four validated places as of right now.

We’re doing this to learn from real-world experience and validate some assumptions before a full launch. First, we’re testing if people will do this kind of work in the physical world for cryptocurrency. Since StreetCred does not (yet) have its own token, we’re using Bitcoin, mainly because it has better name recognition among the general public. We wanted to know whether people outside the tech, mapping, and crypto communities would be interested in something like this. At a quick glance, MapNYC is likely one of the most diverse mapping initiatives ever. So some things are working well.

We also wanted to test how real-world consensus works. If a contributor creates a place, multiple others need to validate or reject that place. We’ve learned so much here that we’ll write about as MapNYC proceeds, but the good news is that over half the Places have been approved by multiple users. Some have been rejected too. At the end of the test we’ll be in a much better place to design a functional protocol. Testing assumptions in the real world has been a great first step for us, and we’re looking forward to learning even more through October.

Thanks to everyone who is participating and supporting us!