Announcing MapNYC

StreetCred Team - September 4, 2018

We're excited to announce MapNYC, a contest to map New York City's places for Bitcoin. MapNYC marks the first step in our goal to build a decentralized marketplace for the world's point of interest data.

Starting September 24th, you can use the MapNYC mobile app on iOS or Android to capture place data across New York City's five boroughs. Participants will earn points for adding places (like restaurants, shops, doctor's offices, landmarks, etc.), as well as validating others' submissions. Top performers will receive Bitcoin awards, with the top prize of a whole Bitcoin, currently worth over $7,300 USD.

A guiding principle of StreetCred is to put working software into the hands of everyday users as quickly as possible. Without a very broad userbase, we don't believe it's possible to capture the world's places accurately. Point of interest data in particular has bedeviled mapping initiatives for decades and is still far from solved, so we want everyone to be able to interact with StreetCred and its eventual protocol early and with ease.

But before we launch a protocol, we wanted to test a few assumptions:

  1. Will people actually collect and validate this data for cryptocurrency?
  2. Do our core protocol roles work like we think they'll work?
  3. Will current buyers of this data be interested enough to participate?

We will learn a lot through MapNYC, and we'll be public with our learnings and the data we collect, so let's keep in touch! Sign up for the MapNYC mailing list here or follow us on Twitter.

MapNYC is just the beginning of a long journey to map all the world’s places in a permanent, decentralized dataset. As we scale outside NYC to the US and beyond, we will replace Bitcoin with our own token, allowing our protocol to scale more quickly and reward network participants in line with the value of the dataset we'll create together.