Importing & Editing Indoor Maps at CES

StreetCred Team - January 16, 2019

Last week the StreetCred team had a booth at Eureka Park at CES. Apart from meetings with current and future partners, we wanted to run our second data-collection contest: MapCES in Las Vegas.

 View from a meeting on a high floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Lots of POIs! View from a meeting on a high floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Lots of POIs! \

StreetCred is running four tests to develop and test technology before a full launch later this year, and in support of our eventual goal of a decentralized, permanent economy around point-of-interest data. MapNYC, which we ran last fall, was just written up in Wired. MapCES was a smaller, quicker test designed to get us a few things on the technology side:

  1. Editing: MapNYC only had the ability to create points of interest, but not edit them. Now users are able to edit places (including in NYC) for points. Points of interest are not static: they change all the time. Editing will let us get closer to the truth about what’s on the map.

  2. Indoor mapping: CES takes place in vast indoor spaces with lots of conference rooms, restaurants, booths, bars, shops, etc. Indoor mapping is very difficult and we wanted to get started on modeling multiple floors.

  3. Data imports: With MapNYC we started with a blank canvas, but with MapCES we imported a lot of open indoor data from the Las Vegas strip. We expect StreetCred data to be a mix of data created by people and machines (but always verified in-person by people).

  4. Completeness Score: We are working on a way to represent easily how “complete“ a POI is. Since we imported data, none of it had photos. We’re working on a UI that encourages constant contributions from a lot of different users.

Users downloaded the app for iPhone or Android, and walked around the conference adding and improving places. We had a winner every day for the three days we presented, each will receive 1,000 USDC. We were happy with the engagement given the quick nature of the contest and how busy CES is for attendees.

Brilliant app, can't wait to take it on the road, thanks. Had a good convo with one of your team mates @streetcredlabs @ Sands Expo

— Wild Rover (@wildrover) January 9, 2019

In particular we liked the response to the completeness score, which shows users what still needs attention, like so:

 Complete. Nice hours! Complete. Nice hours! Needs work, but at least we know… Needs work, but at least we know…

We’ll continue to hone the app for our next two data collection tests, one of which we hope to announce next week. Check back soon for details!

If you want to see the results of the data and how the indoor map works, you can play with it below, or download the app and pan all the way over to Las Vegas…