Announcing the New StreetCred!

StreetCred Team - December 12, 2019

We’re excited to announce the latest evolution of StreetCred, a game that lets you compete in real time to map places in your city.

We didn’t set out to build a game. When we first launched, our intention was to create a marketplace for crowdsourced point of interest data. As a way of incentivizing participation, we organized contests in major US cities, including NYC and Austin, where participants spent a month competing for Bitcoin prizes by adding and validating places on the map.

To our surprise, they loved it. Our inbox was flooded with feedback that the experience was “fun” and “addictive.” In NYC alone, we generated over 20,000 places; one hedge fund manager, Max, mapped over 200 points of interest per day. “My weekend was completely monopolized by this,” he told Wired.

Inspired by that feedback, we rebuilt the app as a game for a global launch. Our contests now happen weekly everywhere in the world, instead of being confined to specific cities as month-long events, and we threw in a few more game pieces (tokens! cubes!) as well as a new layout that slices the whole world into hexagonal tiles. Each tile has its own leaderboard, so you can now see how your mapping skills compare with those of your neighbors—whether you’re in Kuala Lumpur or Kansas City!

Screenshots of the latest StreetCred app
The new StreetCred app for iOS and Android

You might ask -- what am I competing for? That’s a good question, and one we’re still thinking about. Players returning from our previous contests might notice the absence of the Bitcoin prizes we once offered. That could change in the future; alternatively, we might offer some other kind of physical or digital rewards. For now, based on the feedback we’ve received, we’re confident players will be motivated by the challenge of competing on local leaderboards.

Download StreetCred below and let us know what you think!

Download StreetCred for iOS on the Apple App Store Download StreetCred for Android on Google Play