Open Access to Your POI Data

Randy Meech - June 27, 2019

If you use the StreetCred app to create POI data, you will soon get direct access to your data under an open license. We’ll provide this feature after we wrap up MapLA and MapNYC, but users are now free to create data anywhere, not just in the active contest areas.

Why? We think you should have access to the data you create, and that it should be usable for any purpose you want. Maybe you’d like to make a map of specific places in your city but have a hard time getting access to good POI data. Or maybe your organization or government wants to use StreetCred to map key places in your city. You could also be an OpenStreetMap contributor who wants to use a mobile app to generate data to help the project. Local teams might want to collect high-quality data nearby, but have no easy way to do it. StreetCred is a way to create and improve POI data in a fun, collaborative game, and we think it can help in a lot of ways.

Ever since we launched the app last September (on iOS and Android), we’ve noticed users outside the contest areas playing along, earning points and creating data. In some cases they’ve provided valuable product input! We want to encourage this by giving users access to what they’ve created.

So starting now, you can use the StreetCred app to create and collaborate on data around you. Next month we’ll provide tools to access it. If you happen to be in the MapLA or MapNYC contest areas, you can also participate in those events, but data creation is now open worldwide.

Also! We’ll be joining the title sponsor of MapLA and MapNYC, Esri, at their User Conference this July 8-12 in San Diego. StreetCred will run a contest there for fun Esri prizes, and we’ll publish all the data as an open, public dataset as a memento of the event. Let’s see how much data we can create in San Diego next month!

Happy Mapping :)