Mapping the Esri User Conference

StreetCred Team - July 9, 2019

StreetCred is live at the Esri User Conference in San Diego this week, and we’re mapping the city with the help of the Esri user community. If you’re in town, you can join the fun and win prizes from Esri. Check out the map and leaderboard here to get started.

To congratulate the city of San Diego for winning Esri's 2019 President's Award, we're going to offer our first point bonus to encourage mapping of important cultural and government spots around the city. All places created under the “Arts & Entertainment“ and “Civic” categories are now worth four points immediately, with a total of six points once the place has been validated by our community.

So if you’re getting a late start in the contest, you can focus on these categories and pull ahead on the leaderboard. If you’re at the Esri User Conference and want to chat about mapping POIs in your area, drop us a line and let’s meet!