Weekly Tips: Improving Places

StreetCred Team - January 21, 2020

If you've played StreetCred, you know how to win the jackpot: by dropping the most cubes in a tile. But there are more ways to drop cubes than you might think.

Adding a new place is an obvious way to throw down that purple box. Put your favorite restaurant on the map, and you get to mark it with a cube.

Cubes on the map
Your cubes on the map

But what if your favorite restaurant is already visible? Maybe you added it last week, or someone else created it before you. That's when improving comes into play.

Improve button

Improving an existing place should be as quick as creating a new one. You'll go through a familiar series of prompts, adding information such as location, hours, and wheelchair access. You might even be asked to add a photo. Every time you improve an existing place, you earn tokens and get the chance to drop a cube.

Wheelchair accessible

Improving might seem like an unusual game move. But this data is useful because it helps confirm information other players have already added. Given the changing nature of retail and other businesses, even hours that are correct at the time can quickly become irrelevant. Through our players' improves, we can make sure that business hours are up to date—and the map is as accurate as possible.