Map the World and Win Bitcoin

Randy Meech - January 27, 2020

Starting this week, we’re making our weekly contests more exciting by awarding Bitcoin to the top three StreetCred players in the world. Whoever drops the most cubes on the global map will win 0.02 BTC, the runner-up will get 0.01, and the third-place mapper will earn 0.005.

Players can track their progress on the new World Leaderboard, which updates in real time. Every Sunday at midnight UTC, the contest and leaderboard will reset for the following week. We'll run these weekly contests for Bitcoin for the next twelve weeks, and then move on to what's next. Read more in our FAQ and check out the official rules.

Why Bitcoin?

StreetCred started with several city-scale mapping contests for Bitcoin. We had great feedback from users that it was a fun and addictive way to add data to the map and explore local areas. We're excited to roll that out now on a global scale.

Bitcoin is programmable money, and is the most recognizable global digital currency. In our early mapping contests, most users were new to both mapping and crypto, and there was a draw to accessing Bitcoin by exploring their cities and sharing data. The majority of our users report that StreetCred was their first introduction to crypto ownership. We're excited about the potential of digital currencies like Bitcoin to power a global marketplace, connecting those who need data about the world to those who can provide it.

Map the World and Win Bitcoin

What's Next

This is our next step toward a marketplace for global point-of-interest data. In the coming months we'll roll out regional leaderboards with incentives to highlight customer demand in different areas around the world. After that, the local hexagon tiles now used in the StreetCred app will get their own incentives, allowing for more granular focus on this data.

In the meantime, check out the World Leaderboard and let us know what you think.