Weekly Tips: Map Tiles to Win Tokens with Cubes

StreetCred Team - January 9, 2020

Since our global launch last month, users in twenty-two countries played StreetCred, creating point-of-interest data along the way. We're going to put out a few blog posts to dive into some of the features of StreetCred, and highlight some strategies and tips to help you play.

Win StreetCred tokens in local contests

The world is divided into playable hexagons around 3/4-km2 in area. Here are some in lower Manhattan. Or pan and zoom around the map, there are likely some in your hometown!

Notice the token values per tile: these are based on our understanding of point-of-interest density all around the world. Higher jackpot values mean more places in the tile. As players add more data, token jackpots increase.

Drop cubes to get on leaderboards

Every time you create or improve a place in the StreetCred app, you're given the option to drop a cube. Players start out with ten cubes, or game-pieces, that can be strategically placed in tiles. Dropping a cube means you're on your local leaderboard, competing with other local players.

Screenshots of the latest StreetCred app
Dropping cubes on the map puts you on the local leaderboard

You also earn tokens along the way as you create and improve places on the map. Right now, you'll start out with 200 tokens and receive 10 more every time you create or improve a place. But you'll earn even more tokens by being at the top of the weekly leaderboards in one (or more) tiles.

Weekly jackpots for every tile

Every Sunday at midnight UTC, all local contests conclude and the top three players on the leaderboard win StreetCred tokens. The player in first place wins the full amount shown in the tile, the second place player gets half that, and third place gets a quarter of the total jackpot amount.

Screenshots of the latest StreetCred app

What can you do with StreetCred tokens? Well for now...

You can buy more cubes 😃

At the end of every weekly contest, you'll get all your cubes returned to you to play again in future contests. But you can acquire more over time: within the app, you can buy more cubes by clicking the cube icon in the top navigation bar.

Buying more cubes is a smart idea if you want to compete in more tiles, or maybe you have local competition vying for the number one spot near you. By accumulating tokens and spending them on cubes, you'll have an advantage in future contests.

Strategically placing cubes in multiple tiles if you're traveling around is a good way to compete on multiple leaderboards to earn more tokens quickly. If you look in the app, you're likely within close range of several token-bearing tiles that you already visit regularly.

Don't forget, StreetCred has a history of experimenting with other rewards, like our previous Bitcoin contests. Stay tuned for more! And reach out if you have questions or feedback.

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