Playing for Extra Cred(it)

StreetCred Team - February 12, 2020

Two weeks after launching a weekly Bitcoin contest, we’re seeing the competition heat up as players vie to drop the most cubes in the world. Some have already established a major presence on the leaderboard, scattering cubes across major cities and taking home hundreds of dollars in Bitcoin. “Cube dropping keeps me moving,” says AJ, who's earned 0.01 Bitcoin so far (almost $100).

We took a deep dive into the strategies employed by AJ and other “power players,” curious if they had anything in common. Here are three actions to which these MVPs might be able to credit their success:

Starting early

Getting an early start pays off. Winners typically drop their first cubes no more than two days after a contest starts, and continue to play across the board as the week advances.

Start early

Thinking local

To max out their cube supply, winners compete in as many tiles as possible. This is a shrewd forward-looking strategy⁠—for every tile you win, you go home with a jackpot of tokens, which you can use the following week to buy more cubes. The typical top player drops cubes in seven local contests every week, netting 1,500 tokens. At the extreme end of this spectrum, some top players drop cubes in over a hundred tiles!

Think local

Getting more for less

Top players take full advantage of the token bonus for immediately improving a place after they add it. You always get 10 tokens for either adding or improving a place⁠—but if you improve a place, you just added, you’ll get an additional bonus of 10 tokens. We see top players claiming the immediate improve bonus 97% of the time. In contrast, new players only go for the bonus about 40% of the time, missing out on easy money.


If you haven't gotten mapping yet, it's not too late to get started! We'll soon be launching regional contests so non-power users have plenty of chances to win.