Next Stop: Jakarta

StreetCred Team - March 10, 2020

On March 16, StreetCred will launch MapJakarta, the first localized version of our global mapping contest. Players in the Indonesian capital will win Bitcoin prizes for creating point-of-interest data in real time.

Jakarta Mosque
An early addition to StreetCred Jakarta: Masjid Al Falah

Why Jakarta?

Inspired by our partners’ need to collect map data in priority areas, we created MapJakarta. The Bitcoin prizes give local residents an incentive to add and improve as many places as possible, creating a powerful real-time knowledge base that can be customized for specific types of data (eg. location, hours, etc.). In our next phase, we’ll be launching these contests in targeted regions all over the world, powered by a new product that lets us rapidly create local leaderboards and inject them with Bitcoin prizes for pre-determined time periods.

We picked Jakarta because our predictions suggest there are more POIs in the region than have been recorded by other map providers, creating an opportunity for us to enrich the local data landscape. Our data model uses previously mapped cities along with other telling predictors to estimate how many points of interest can be found in a given area. Like many places around the world, we estimate that Jakarta is under-mapped with many thousands of places missing from digital maps.

Accurate map data is critical: Jakarta’s susceptibility to flooding also provides a case for us to add value to humanitarian mapping projects. With the increasing frequency of floods among other natural disasters and catastrophic events, accurate map data has become a vital tool for relief efforts. We’re happy to partner with local organizations and provide hooks into OpenStreetMap to support their initiatives.

What’s Next?

MapJakarta is the first regional mapping contest following our global launch earlier this year. Soon we'll roll out additional regions across the world. If you're interested in subscribing to place data in targeted regions, feel free to reach out!