Mapping Jakarta Right Now

Elisabeth Rosen - March 23, 2020

With everything going on in the world, it’s an interesting time to launch a mapping contest. A week into kicking off our MapJakarta competition, we wanted to share an update with you.

Bread Life

The good news: Jakarta players have added roughly 3,000 places to the map, and the leaderboard is packed with competition. We’ve had to make some changes to our marketing plan—for example, we called off our launch event as it became clear there was a need to prevent crowds. But we’re continuing to engage with local mappers via WhatsApp, and we’re excited about the community we’re starting to build.

Although we've detected a few efforts at spamming (foiled by our machine learning system!), most new players feel a sense of responsibility.

"The data that we enter has a huge impact, for ourselves and the wider community," one Jakarta native who took home Bitcoin in last week's contest said over WhatsApp. "We're accountable for providing credible data."


Facing a growing mandate to remain six feet away from other people, players also find that mapping provides a welcome distraction from the general climate of anxiety.

"To look for POIs, we don't need to be close to other people," another player said. "Around us there are many POIs, not just malls and markets. On the edge of the highway, in front of housing complexes, there are also many interesting places."

Food Stand

That being said, we’re continuing to monitor the situation in Jakarta and around the world. While StreetCred contests will continue as planned, we’ve reminded players to do what’s best for their health and the safety of others.

Nationalism Coffee

We're also planning to launch some new features as it becomes clear that there's a growing appetite for accurate, timely place data and closure status. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming days and weeks.