Track COVID-19 Business Changes in Real Time

Randy Meech - April 1, 2020

You show up to a place you expected to find open, but it’s closed. Maybe the hours have changed, despite what you saw online, or the store has shut down for good and there’s a new business in its place. This is a fundamental problem in the mapping industry, and we started StreetCred to solve it. Our mission was to create a real-time source of accurate point-of-interest data, including hours and closures.

Now, as the US and other countries confront the COVID-19 pandemic, this data is more important than ever. When businesses close abruptly due to important new regulations, existing maps become inaccurate overnight, posing a challenge for both individuals and small businesses struggling to stay afloat.

In response to this crisis, we’ve added a key feature to our product. StreetCred app users can now update the map with COVID-19-related business changes, and we’ll display that data in real time on a new web-based map.

Windsor Terrace Closures
Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn (map not updated for mobile... yet)

How to update the map

See a place missing from your neighborhood? Want to note that the pizza spot next door delivers? Use the StreetCred app to quickly add these individual edits. Alternatively, if you have a larger dataset, share it with us using the steps below and we'll add it to the map.

Update using the StreetCred app

When you add a new place or improve an existing one in the app, you can now indicate its COVID-19 status. Is it open for delivery? Takeout? Or has it temporarily closed? Once you add this information to a place, the public web map will update in real time, providing a community resource to highlight what’s still open.

Windsor Farms Market Hours Change

While the StreetCred app does need to be used on location, which generally means outdoors, mapping can be a solitary activity that doesn’t require the participation of others. As long as it's safe to go for a walk where you are, you can contribute data about your neighborhood. Of course, we urge you to put safety first and make sure to comply with any regulations in your area.

Share a spreadsheet for import

If you have a dataset you'd like to visualize here, make a copy of this master spreadsheet and share it with us. You can invite us at or share it through Twitter:

Healthy local businesses are important

When we talk about health, we usually mean personal health or public health. But as is painfully evident now, the health of local businesses is also critical for our quality of life. It’s our hope that this tool will help support the shops and restaurants we know and love, so that later, when this crisis is over, we’ll be able to celebrate them as re-opened.