All the Maps Are Wrong

StreetCred Team - April 10, 2020

The maps we all rely on just became inaccurate overnight.

The StreetCred leaderboard looked a little different last month, as players in the MapJakarta competition claimed the top spots. Powered by Bitcoin incentives, the enthusiastic community added nearly 8,000 points of interest to the map in the first two weeks alone.

But that map is changing, too. Both in our hometown of NYC and elsewhere, necessary COVID-19-related shutdowns are shuttering local businesses, with effects that are unknown and potentially long-lasting. Even when social distancing rules eventually relax and people return to work, many existing maps will be outdated. Some businesses will be open and others won’t; others will have changed their hours or the services they offer. Rather than sharing our regular monthly highlights post, we think the best way forward is to highlight the ways we can continue to enrich the data landscape in the rapidly transforming business environment.


Last week, we launched a tool that tracks COVID-19-related business changes in real time. Players can mark restaurants as temporarily closed or open for takeout and delivery. Using this feature as well as additional updates, we plan to accurately reflect the new POI landscape in real time, first in NYC and then across the world. Watch this space for updates as we move forward.