Open for Delivery?

StreetCred Team - April 15, 2020

Last week, we launched a feature tracking COVID-19-related business changes in real time. StreetCred players can now use the app to relay information about the rapidly transforming business landscape, identifying changes such as restaurants that switch to takeout and stores where supplies are running low. While we’re seeing participation from around the world, the bulk of it has come from Jakarta, where we’re currently running a regional contest for Bitcoin. So far, we’ve captured COVID-19-related data for more than 9,000 places in Jakarta alone, which breaks down to 63,000 individual data points. Here's a look at what we've seen so far.

Map of sample tile

This game tile, located near Kelapa Gading Mall in North Jakarta, illustrates how significantly new restrictions have changed the map. StreetCred players have flagged 94% of places in this tile as either temporarily closed due to COVID-19 or offering restricted services, such as takeout and delivery. Just three businesses are operating normally.

Take Away Only

Like the shop above, which sports a “Take Away Only” sign, over half the places in our dataset have been marked as either closed or operating on modified hours. Nearly all of those places are restaurants, a response to local regulations putting a temporary halt to dine-in services. In cities around the world, local governments have instituted similar restrictions in order to prevent disease transmission, and the Indonesian capital is no exception.

One question that might arise from this is how many restaurants are adapting to the new regulations. Looking at the Jakarta restaurants in our dataset, roughly half are currently offering takeout and/or delivery. We can further refine this data by cuisine type or other descriptor to understand which restaurants may be successful in the new environment.

As players continue to provide information, our map will update, eventually providing a comprehensive view of all operational places in the city. By highlighting restaurants, shops, and other businesses, we'll be able to help drive traffic that hopefully keeps them open.


We’re able to keep this rapidly changing map accurate thanks to the StreetCred community. Our actively engaged players continue to provide live updates, ensuring that the data remains consistent with what’s happening on the ground. In contrast, other mapping services that rely purely on machine learning models may be strained by this unprecedented degree of change.

While the necessary COVID-19 restrictions in cities have changed the way we do some things, these changes don’t threaten StreetCred’s core mission. In fact, they underscore the necessity of the real-time product we’ve created.

Mapping can be a solitary activity that doesn’t require the participation of others. As long as it's safe to go for a walk where you are, you can contribute data about your neighborhood. As one of our Jakarta players put it, "To look for POIs, we don't need to be close to other people.”

So, while we’re seeing more local mapping and less travel around the city, we continue to receive valuable data on what businesses are open and how their services have changed. Stay tuned for more insights as we continue to refine and develop this data product.