Depressing Photos, Hopeful Picture

StreetCred Team - May 11, 2020

Last week, we launched a contest to map NYC, following the successful launch of MapJakarta earlier this year. It’s an interesting time to launch a mapping contest, as businesses in the city are still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic and most remain closed. As the city slowly recovers from the worst of the epidemic, though, accurate place data is more important than ever. Incentivized by fast-paced competition and tangible rewards, New Yorkers can help us build a new map of the city while taking their social distance walks and enjoying the spring sunshine.

Closed Store Hours Change Closed Store

In addition to place images, we’re collecting specific COVID-19-related data by asking players whether places are temporarily closed, takeout is available, or supplies are low. During our launch week, the average player added such data for 32 places per day, contributing 131 specific properties. Every data point helps us create a more accurate picture of what's still open, and this information is surfaced in real time, helping interested consumers support local businesses through this crisis. Over the contest, we’ll continue to capture and refine this data, so that when the city finally re-opens, we’ll be able to present an accurate picture of the business landscape. Stay tuned for more on what we discover.