Coming Soon to Bandung and Surabaya

StreetCred Team - June 2, 2020

Following the success of MapJakarta, we’re excited to launch a similar contest in neighboring cities Bandung and Surabaya. Starting in June, players in these Indonesian urban centers will get the chance to earn Bitcoin by mapping the places around them.

We were blown away by the enthusiasm we saw for MapJakarta, where players added 50,000 places in the first two months, mapping huge swaths of the capital city. Over two-thirds of game tiles in play have been at least 80% mapped. And the typical place data point collected by StreetCred in Jakarta is no more than 15 days old, a crucial source of value for potential partners.

Surabaya's signature statue
Surabaya's signature statue.

“Many restaurants and businesses can move in less than a year, so accurate street view imagery and on-the-ground validation will be critical in keeping maps updated,” explained a recent Nikkei Asian Review article, highlighting StreetCred’s appeal for tech companies in Indonesia.

Based on that success and subsequent demand from regional partners, we see an opportunity for our crowdsourced mapping model to add value both in Indonesia and in other countries where many points of interest remain unmapped. If you’re interested in this kind of data, feel free to reach out. We’re always looking for new partners in cities around the world.