Update From Bandung and Surabaya

StreetCred - June 26, 2020

Earlier this week, we launched contests in Bandung and Surabaya, hoping StreetCred’s success in Jakarta would translate to these smaller Indonesian cities.

Within a day, both leaderboards were packed as players competed to score Bitcoin by mapping local points of interest. About ten thousand places have already been added to the map, and players add and edit hundreds more each day.

“Everything is online now, especially lectures,” one top player wrote via WhatsApp. “Playing StreetCred gives you the chance to walk around while earning extra income for snacks.”

Shop in Bandung Kenpark in Surabaya Mall in Bandung
From left: Aneka Motor in Bandung, Kenpark in Surabaya, and Braga City Walk in Bandung.

It’s not just about the prizes (or snacks). By exploring the map, players also get the chance to discover new places in their cities...and learn useful details about places they already know.

“Now I can find out how many Indomarets there are and which porridge selling places are open in the afternoon,” another player wrote excitedly on WhatsApp.

Many players expressed similar opinions, highlighting the fact that existing maps of this area often fall short when it comes to accuracy and reliability. As the StreetCred community continues to grow across Indonesia, we hope the crowdsourced map we’re building can provide a useful alternative.