From Contest to Crypto

MapNYC was a targeted experiment. We showed what a handful of users - some deeply engaged, some passively interested - can accomplish with the right incentives in place. As our app and protocol become more widely available, these productivity metrics scale exponentially. It’s not unrealistic to envision a living, breathing system capable of mapping entire cities in a matter of days.

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Cassidy Rouse
Improving Data Accuracy

We believe that unless you have a wide, diverse audience creating the map, your data will fail to represent reality. We also value POI data created on location by users, not borrowed from the many existing sources on the internet. These goals guided our UI choices, and we learned a lot over the course of MapNYC, and iterated rapidly.

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Diana Shkolnikov
Encouraging Contributions

We proved that people would create and validate places, but we also wanted to test if users could be directed to specific categories or neighborhoods. Would our platform, and eventually our protocol, be flexible enough for this?

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StreetCred Team