Jobs at StreetCred

StreetCred is an early-stage startup focused on accessible point-of-interest data. This important mapping data is currently too restrictive, expensive, and low quality; we want to change this forever. Founded by mapping industry veterans with experience in creating developer networks, StreetCred believes in the power of open-source software and data to solve difficult business problems. We are excited about the decentralizing aspects of blockchain technology and are creating a token-incentivized protocol to encourage user compensation for data creation that provides high-quality, real-time, accessible mapping data to companies and developers that need it. If we succeed, our work will live on forever.

We do our best work when we’re able to collaborate with great people who offer diverse perspectives on longstanding problems. To that end, we’re looking for two or three great teammates. Given our early stage, it's important that the whole team has a high level of energy and enthusiasm. Strong communication skills are important for any company, but critical for a team of this size. There are many questions to answer, ideas to share, decisions to debate, and processes to set up. If you’re someone that thrives in this type of environment we hope you’ll consider reaching out and getting to know us. We can’t wait to meet you!

Software Engineer

Choose Your Own Adventure

Since we're still new, there are many opportunities to shape your destiny as an early team member. We'd like to share our rough descriptions of what we're working on and current technology assumptions. We hope that something on our TODO list peaks your interest and sparks some ideas in your mind that you'd be excited to share with us. Let's explore these solutions together and see where it leads.

This is not a checklist of requirements and we encourage you to apply if any one area sounds exciting to you.

  • Geospatial Data Analysis An early focus will be to analyze existing geospatial data and to build predictive models around global points of interest. We'd love to chat about graph theory, data science, and machine learning applications in the geospatial context. Our goal is to understand what quality and coverage means and how it can be quantified for maximum insight into the data we'll collect on the StreetCred protocol.
  • Interactive Web Portal To show off our data analysis, we're building an interactive web portal with dynamic maps and many opportunities to flex some data visualization skills. If you've got a knack for building beautiful rich dashboard experiences we've gotta talk!
  • Mobile Apps & SDKs We're building a reference app (likely in React Native) to show new users how to contribute data. Think Foursquare + Pokemon GO + There will be fun challenges like working with geolocation services and building open-source SDKs to encourage other developers to join in on the fun of building apps on the StreetCred protocol. The app will require a reliable, scalable, high-throughput backend that will take advantage of the latest and greatest in continuous integration, caching, pub/sub frameworks, and of course data storage/retrieval/search.
  • Blockchain / Smart Contracts / Crypto-currency / Token design StreetCred will incentivize users to create point-of-interest data using crypto-economic incentives, and decentralize this critical dataset using blockchain technology. We're excited to talk to you about your experience, either professional or dabbling, with smart-contracts and all the various existing blockchain protocols. If you love reading whitepapers as much as we do, let's compare notes!
  • Decentralized Data The StreetCred protocol is unique in that it aims to provide utility by accumulating data from all the various transactions on the network into a powerful and highly desirable data offering. We're working toward an innovative data storage model that will optimize for decentralization, stability, and security in an ever-changing pool of server nodes spread out across the globe. If you love to geek out about torrents, sharding, and replication, please get in touch!
  • Community Building We'll build the StreetCred protocol in an open, public way that encourages others to participate. To this end, everyone on the team is focused on community. We welcome candidates who enjoy building usable technology that's accessible to others, and who are interested in speaking and writing about it.

Ideally located in New York City but we will consider remote.


We’re building an open, positive, and inclusive culture that allows the team to enjoy their work and feel connected to their colleagues in meaningful ways. Flexible work hours, remote-friendliness, and fun team events allows each teammate to calibrate for individually optimal work/life balance.

Our compensation packages are competitive and offer meaningful equity for our early hires. We’ve also got you covered with important benefits, such as mandatory PTO, healthcare, 401K, parental leave, and others. Please ask about anything particularly important to you and we can provide more details.

Our office offers many benefits, such as free on-site yoga/meditation/bootcamp classes, for example. There’s a place to park your bike and a great trail along the water to explore. We’ve also got healthy snacks and beverages if thirst or hunger should strike.

We aim to provide many opportunities for each team member to publicly build their own brand through highly visible open-source contributions, blog posts, whitepapers, conferences, community events, and more. We are proud of our team and love sharing what we’re working on. We work hard to ensure that each member has access to personal and professional growth opportunities.

How to Apply

To apply, email us at Include your resume or links to similar details. We're looking forward to meeting you!

StreetCred is committed to providing equal employment opportunity without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, citizenship status, marital status, HIV status, sexual orientation, veteran status, height, weight or disability. We strongly encourage individuals from populations underrepresented in the technology industry to apply.