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Randy Meech

Randy was recently CEO of Mapzen, an all-open mapping platform for map display, search, and navigation that created durable and significant open software and data assets such as the Pelias geocoder, Valhalla routing engine, Tilezen vector tile libraries, Tangram rendering engine, and Who's on First gazetteer. He has worked in open mapping for a decade, beginning at Patch where he first worked with POI data collection systems. When Patch was acquired by AOL, he became CTO of MapQuest, then serving 50M monthly users. A leader on company collaboration with projects like OpenStreetMap, he has frequently written and spoken on how open map datasets can help users and companies access the best products.


Diana Shkolnikov

Diana was recently Engineering Director of Search at Mapzen, where she led development on the open-source geocoder Pelias. A frequent speaker on geographic search, Diana worked to build the developer community around Pelias. As a "classically trained" computer scientist with a masters degree in Software Engineering and bachelors in Computer Science, Diana has also worked on software across a variety of industries from aerospace visualization, to wearables and sensors, to an online social network. With over 15 years of experience, Diana brings a strong focus on process, quality, and testing. She is a dedicated member of various organizations encouraging and supporting women in technology and bringing technology awareness to the next generation.

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Cassidy Rouse

Prior to joining StreetCred, Cassidy served as Senior Manager of Growth Opportunities at Samsung, where he focused on growth strategies and led commercial deals across virtual reality, mapping, digital video, and advertising. He also worked closely with Samsung's portfolio companies on business development and communications. In addition to his work at StreetCred, Cassidy is a passionate advisor for startups in the mobility and fashion industries. Prior to Samsung, he was a consultant at Deloitte Consulting, focused on pricing strategy. Cassidy holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BBA in Finance from the University of Kentucky. 


Tyler Gaw

Tyler has spent his career designing and building products and tools for excellent organizations. He's had the privilege to do work with Hillary for America, UNHRC, Readability, Longform, Chris Gethard, and many more. Before joining StreetCred he co-founded the reverse job board, Limbo. As our Lead Frontend Engineer he spearheads the design and development of our iOS/Android application and helps establish high quality design and engineering best practices to grow our teams.


Ben Chodoroff

Ben is a software engineer originally from Detroit, where he learned to program by building websites when he was in high school. He co-founded The Work Department and helps maintain the Detroit Ledger. Most recently, he was a senior software engineer at Steemit, a blockchain startup. At Streetcred, he helps build frontend and backend applications.